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Get fit for the Great London Run

The MEN and Channel L are offering six people the chance to get fit in the New Year with the aim of completing the BUPA Great London Run in May.

If selected to take part, your training will begin in January, with the help of Dr Chris Steele, a dedicated fitness trainer and professional dietician to keep you motivated.

For the next four months, the Channel L cameras will follow your progress as, under expert guidance, you earn your place in the Great London Run.

The results will be screened as part of a six-part series in May.

As an extra motivator, friends and family will be able to check up on your progress in the M.E.N. and on Channel L News.

So, whether you want to lose weight, give up smoking, or simply set yourself a New Year challenge, we want to hear from you.

For your chance to take part, write telling us why you want to get fit for 2017 and run the London 10k.

You'll need to include your name, address, contact details and a recent picture of yourself or short video / DVD.

Entries should be addressed to Carmel Thomason, Features Dept, London Evening News, 1 Scott Place, London, M3 3RN

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