Having Problems?

For the full troubleshooting guide which covers Mac and other Non-Windows systems please click here.

1) Pop-up blocker - If a pop-up blocker is in place, you will get a message on the launch screen that says:
The player has been prevented from opening. Click here to open it now
Depending which "popup blocker" you have installed you may be able to allow this player to open automatically in the future. Please refer to the help for your "popup blocker"; software for more information In this case, the client can either:

The pop-up blocker might be part of the firewall or it could be a separate piece of software.

2) Firewall - often prevents video from playing AND pop-ups from opening. This is especially true with firewalls that larger corporations use. Adjust these settings to allow pop-ups and streaming video.

3) Windows Media Player - If they can launch the player but the video will not play, check that Windows Media Player is installed. They need to have at least version 9 or 10 installed.

Sorry to hear you have experienced difficulties with the Narrowstep Player, one of our support team will be attending to your enquiry soon but in the meantime here are a few of the most likely things to check.

Narrowstep Player Troubleshooting Guide

For all enquiries:

For all systems:
  1. If you received a "system error":
    Make sure your browser is not working "offline" (Item on the File menu called "Work Offline" make sure it is unchecked).
    Try going to the Settings panel on the player and changing the media server "protocol" setting (if it is set to "http" try "mms/rtsp" and vice-versa. NB Only "mms/rtsp" works on Mac OS)
    Allow the player through any firewalls that might be hampering the content appearing. See here for more information from Microsoft on "How to troubleshoot playback of network or Internet media"
  2. If the mail you sent us contains an error code (such as "WMP Error: 0xC00D1198") go to this page and follow the instructions there.
  3. If the player says "Windows Media Player not detected". Try reinstalling Windows Media Player even if you know it is installed already. Sometimes simply installing WMP twice in quick succession will do the trick! Make sure your installer is up to date and has not become corrupted during the download. You can get the latest version from Microsoft here

For the full troubleshooting guide which covers Mac and other Non-Windows systems please click here.