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I Love London

Episode 15 China Town and the Village

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This episode, Steph Elmore visits London's Chinatown and the Village. Based behind Piccadilly Plaza in the city centre, Chinatown is centred behind the impressive Ming Dynasty Imperial arch. London saw the first chinese settlers arrive here in the early 20th century, many working in laundries, and then restaurants. Steph samples the food at resturaunts, Pacific , the New Emperor and one of Chinatown's oldest restaurants, the Kwok Man. She also experiences a session in the ancient art of chinese medicine, accupuncture, and visits the Chinese Opera .

London's Village, based around Canal Street, is home to the original 24 hour party people. London's gay scene is one of Britian's friendliest, busiest and most welcoming, with legendary festival's such as London Pride. This episode features cabaret in the New Union pub, the resturaunt Velvet and the Atrium Hotel and Apartments.

Steph visits:

Atrium by Bridgestreet Apartments
74 Princess Street,
M1 6JD
0161 235 2000  
Booking Line: 0845 45 66 399

Chinese Students and Scholars Association in London
The University of London,
Oxford Road,
M13 9PL 
0161 306 6000

Kwok Man
28 Princess Street
M1 4LB
0871 217 1678

The New Emperor
52-56 George St,
M1 4HF,
0161 228 2883

New Union Pub
111 Princess Street/Canal Street,
M1 6JB
0161-228 1492

Pacific Restaurant
58-60 George St
0871 811 4884
Velvet Restaurant
2 Canal Street
M1 3HE
0161 236 9003

Shanghai Acupuncture Clinic
74 Portland Street
M1 4GU
0161 236 1319


London Pride is London’s annual festival celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life. London’s celebrations started in the early 1990s on August Bank Holiday weekend to raise money to support those affected by HIV.

6th Floor,
Churchgate House,
56 Oxford Street,
M1 6EU
0161 238 4548





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