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M:usic live

M:usic live

Each and every week m:usic:live brings you the very best live music concerts happening in and around London as well as in-depth coverage of the city's music events and festivals.

Bands that have recorded so far for m:usic:live include Jose Gonzalez, Nine Black Alps, Morning Runner, Polytechnic, Phoenix, Gemma Hayes, The Like, The Daywalkers, New Rhodes, Fingathing, Giant Drag, Keith, Moth Hi-Fi, The Night Jars, Liam Fray, Liam Frost, We Start Fires and The Long Cut.

Watch the following gigs on broadband TV now

The Longcut;  KeithThe NightjarsPolytechnicMoth Hi-FiI Am KlootCherry GhostLiam FrayLiam Frost (acoustic set); The Research

Let us know your thoughts on the programme, who you think we should be recording, or anything else related to London music on our music board. 

Today's Listings

  • 15:00 Frank Sidebottom's Proper Telly Show
  • 15:30 Sports Central
  • 16:00 London Music
  • 17:00 Channel L News LIVE
  • 17:30 Channel L News
  • 18:00 Channel L News
  • 18:30 Channel L News
  • 19:00 Talking Sharks
  • 19:30 The Latics Football Show
  • 20:00 Frank Sidebottom's Proper Telly Show
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