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Seconds Out

Seconds Out

Seconds Out is Channel L's weekly boxing show focusing on all aspects of the sport from the professionals, to the amateurs and the juniors.

We feature the region's top names such as Ricky Hatton, Steve Foster, Jamie Moore and Mike Jennings; plus there's action from fight nights involving Greater London's biggest Amateur clubs.

We'll also be speaking to former greats, speak to celebrity boxing fans, getting top training and nutrition tips as well as looking at some the sport's rising stars.

Watch Episode One  - Highlights from the ABA Quarter Final bouts at Blackburn, plus inteviews with Joe Calzaghe and Chris Bacon.

Watch Episode Two - Barney is joined by London Middleweight Thomas McDonagh and there's action from Matt 'Magic' Hatton's controversial fight with Alan Bosworth.

Watch Episode Three - This week's guest is Shameless actor and boxing fan Ciaran Griffiths, while action comes from the recent Northside event at the City of London Stadium.

Watch Episode Four - Barney meets up with some legends of the past including Earnie Shavers and Leon Spinks, plus there's amateur action from Urmston ABC.

Watch Epsiode Five - Action from the recent Urmston ABC event.

Watch Epsiode Seven - Action from Leigh's ABC annual bouts.

Watch Episode Ten

Watch Episode Eleven

Watch Episode Twelve - more amateur action from London's finest prospects building up to the ABA's. And Barney keeps us in touch with all the pro's in his usual relaxed style.

Watch Episode Thirteen 

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  • 23:00 Seconds Out
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