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Fashion Faceoff

New series coming soon

Meet London style guru's Kate and Susanna. From their business in Altrincham, they makeover the people of Greater London, giving them a new lease of life and their own sense of style.

And there’s nothing better they like than a bit of competition between the pair of them. Kate claims to be able to find key fashion pieces on the high street for a fraction of the cost of couture. Where as Susanna prefers the designer dresses and classic cuts of the catwalk.       

So what happens when we put their theories to the test. Families, best friends, partners nominate someone each week for the Chic v Cheap treatment.

Whilst Kate heads to the high street to find a bargain buy, Susanna is convinced that high-end designer is definitely better. But it’s not for them to judge. The subjects family friends, partner, relatives decide which outfit is best for their bud….without knowing which is the cheap, and which is the chic.

Series begins March 14th.


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