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The Run

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Channel L and the London Evening News have chosen 6 people to get fit and take part in this year's Bupa Great London Run. All the people involved decided that 2017 was going to be the year to get fit, lose weight and set themselves a new challenge. With the help of fitness expert, Christina Waring, from Total Fitness in Whitefield, nutritionalist Elizabeth Harfleet and TV's Dr Chris Steele, the participants will be put through their paces in preparation for the 10K run on Sunday May 20th 2017. And the Channel L cameras will be there every step of the way.

Joining them on this journey is Channel L's news anchorman, Andy Crane, who wanted to take the challenge too. He says 'I thought it was about time I got fit and couldn't think of a greater incentive than possible humiliation on telly if I were to fail!'

Regular updates about how the runners are getting on feature in the London Evening News and London Online.   Read the latest article here

Series starts Thursday 19th April at 8pm on Channel L