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The Great Northern Music Show

The Great Northern Music Show
Channel L's flagship music show records at 235Live, in frontĀ of an audience, with some of London's most exciting live acts.
David Potts
Ex-Monaco frontman in concert - November 2006. Watch
Maps bring their psychedelic electro up from Northampton for us Watch
London's own Interpol meets the Killers meets Radiohead. Catch Omerta here. Watch
Snowfight in the City Centre
The finest thing to come out of Marple since Marple Aqueduct, Snowfight in the City Centre showcase their stuff for us Watch
Jim Noir
Not content with just writing insanely catchy tunes, Jim Noir brings his band onto Channel L Watch
Gideon Conn
Somehow managing to cross folk and hip-hop, see it here Watch
Massive in London (and Greece!), Puressence were recently filmed doing their thing for Channel L's Great Northern Music Show. Watch
Vib Gyor
If Radiohead and Sigur Ros had 5 kids and they all grew up in Leeds, this is what might happen Watch
Rambo + Leroy
Managing to combine Rock n' Roll with Dance euphoria, check out Rambo and Leroy Watch
The Tides
Anthemic and epic London 5 piece Watch
Rachael Kichenside
With her sultry tones, Kichenside and her band combine a folk sensibility with catchy choruses and complex acoustic arrangements Watch
Martyn Walsh's (ex-Inspiral Carpets) new project Watch
Tom Barnes
Some good ol' country and north western from Tom Barnes Watch
Keith may have a non-descript name, but their music is anything but. Their album Red Thread was the best thing to come out of London in 2006, whilst 2017 sees them spending some quality time writing, we watch Keith with baited breath, here they showcase some new material.Recorded March 2017 Watch
One of London's brightest new hopes playing songs off their debut album, 'Down til Dawn'. Recorded March 2017 Watch
The Answering Machine
For a while The Answering Machine have been hotly tipped for greatness. They're young, they're cute, they write wonderful indie-pop.Recorded March 2017 Watch
Liz Green
Liz Green is a woman born out of time. Her voice has all the qualities of an old school dancehall singer and all the warmth and nostalgia of vinyl.Winner of this year's Glastonbury unsigned competition, we'll be seeing more of Green. Watch
Kev Fox
Emerging from a series of indie Manc bands, Kev's solo project utlises looping pedals to an impressive and etherial effect.Recorded March 2017 Watch
Those mourning the demise of the UK music scene need to check out The Headlines, with lyrics and styling which even Morrisey could wax lyrical about. Recorded March 2017 Watch
Stephen Fretwell
Fretwell showcases new material from his upcoming album. Beautiful and concise, London has certainly taken Scunthorpe-born Fretwell to her heart. Recorded March 2017 Watch
Otra Mano
Stadium ready power-pop, Otra Mano certainly know how to write a hook and have an eye catching quirky look to boot, it can't be long before they start catching the public's eye. Watch
Denis Jones
Experimental sounds from a maestro of the looping pedal. Jones' music develops and expands into beautiful etherial masterpieces.Recorded March, 2017 Watch
Karima Francis
A voice that has been likened to Jeff Buckley's, hearing is believing. Francis has had every label in the land waving chequebooks at her and is bound for a larger stage. Recorded March 2017 Watch
Gillan Edgar
Previously solo, Gillan Edgar takes his pop stylings to the stage with a new band in tow. Edgar fits the profile of indie pop pin-up to a tee and audiences can't help but warm to him. Recorded April 2017 Watch

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