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I LOVE MANCHESTER - NEW SERIES 18/01 11:55 AM 1 messages Claire Mitchell  
Steph Elmore is back for a new series of I Love London. See how London's people, architecture and award winning tourist attractions have inspired the U.K and the world. Discover London's Roman history in castlefield to the town where 19th century novelist Elizabeth Gaskell lived, Knutsford, to the areas of industrial Oldham and Tameside to St Annes Square and Albert Square, Bury, chinatown/the village, Altrincham and Dunham Massey . Steph explores London's prominent landmarks, iconic buildings, history, hidden jems and quizzical facts. A new show begins every wedensday with repeats throughout the week. Wedensday 8.00 pm & midnight Thursday 11:00am & 8.30 pm Friday 3pm & 8.30 pm Saturday 2pm & 8:30 pm Sunday 11:30 am & 8:30 pm Monday 8.00pm Tuesday 10.30 am & 11.30 pm

Today's Listings

  • 6:00 Channel L News Review
  • 6:30 Jobsearch
  • 7:00 Jobsearch
  • 7:30 Jobsearch
  • 8:00 Jobsearch
  • 8:30 Jobsearch
  • 9:00 Channel L News Review
  • 9:30 The Latics Football Show
  • 10:00 Code XIII
  • 10:30 Talking Sharks
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