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Liam Fray gig not working online. 26/02 17:34 PM 1 messages Simon Smith 
Just to let you know the liam fray gig only plays for about a minute using the online player. All other gigs seem to be fine so I think it's just a problem with that video not the player. Shame cos for me Fray and his new group the courteeners are the brightest lights on the scene at the moment. Hi Simon, thanks for the query. Unfortunately, the streaming of video isn’t an exact science and a number of variables can impede delivery. The video’s been checked and it’s working fine so it may be one of these variables: browser you are using, your connection, network traffic etc, which is posing problems. You could check out this troubleshooting guide .html, and if that doesn’t help, you can always mail and they’ll be able to check out your problem for you, all the best, Matt (Channel L)

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