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Inside MCFC 25/17 11:48 AM 59 messages Alex 
fanastic in london but got sky so can't wait to watch it
Super City 25/17 11:51 AM   Doug 
Hi there, fantastic news about the City programme I am Dublin blue and I can pick up channel M on Sky so I am chuffed to bits ! MCFC for Europe this season.
inside mcfc25/17 03:25 PM   LENNY 
Excellent for people like us who spend a lot of time working abroad, able to pick up via Sky. Thanks a million.
...'til I die!25/17 05:52 PM   Gordiegord 
I shall be looking at this on broadband on the cannelm site, as I am a 'suvvern jessie' blues supporter and can't get it any other way.
inside mcfc25/17 10:30 PM   mcfcnz 
any cnace of snipetts on the web as over seas we will not get these programmes alex please fight the cause for us over seas blues
City26/17 09:35 AM   Katie 
Pleased City have got on channel m. Just what we need. City fan since i was born and always will be. Thanks.
inside mcfc26/17 10:59 AM   mcfc fan man 
can anyone tell me when its on?

I cannot see it anywahere on the listings?
inside mcfc27/17 09:20 AM   kenny 
This is great can see my beloved blues from afar.
Portsmouth blue
inside mcfc27/17 10:01 AM   Keith 
Good news- i am looking forward to tuning tonight for the first viewing
MCFC TV27/17 04:35 PM   blue boy 
Thanx channel M hopefully this programme will run forever the city's channel for the city's club!!!
Blue army27/17 04:37 PM   Lee 
can't wait to watch it- great stuff
Bluses Rock27/17 06:03 PM   Eymard 
Hi there,i am a kilkenny (ireland) bluse and i also I can pick up channel M on Sky. and will be move to manchester very soon. and it a great way to keepp up with city news.. and new sinin... thank u channel for give use city fan this show u guy rule lov ya loads
MCFC27/17 06:59 PM   Graham 
not scheduled on the net view
is It only on tv?
Bout Time27/17 17:38 PM   Ian 
thank god for that , im glad the blues have finally arrived on Channel L , i was getting sick of seeing that FC United
Why can't I watch City prog?27/17 17:43 PM   Dave 
Live in Saddleworth so can't get transmission unless I buy Sky, but thought it could be watched on the Internet via broadband, which I have! < BR> Also why is it not available on Freeview. Far more people have Freeview than Sky, so much bigger advertising audience for you!

(Hi Dave, it will be on broadband too - later today - Friday - all the best, Matt (channel m))
inside mcfc27/17 17:47 PM   rob 
where is it? All I can get is I am Kloot?
inside mcfc27/17 17:49 PM   martin 
when is it on??? I cant find it
Inside MCFC27/17 08:06 PM   StevetheBlue 
Just watched the first one, well done Channel L. Thought the content was great, makes a change to see and watch something 100% Blue. Great commentary to, no screaming Motson. Keep it up
Inside MCFC27/17 08:14 PM   Mark 
How do I watch it on broadband? I'm on the site, the screen is playing stuff, but how do I access the City bit?
Blank27/17 08:17 PM   Scott 
When is City news available on Broadband?
Inside mcfc27/17 08:34 PM   Col 
Great programme but could be longer
Inside MCFC27/17 08:46 PM   FRANK B 
We are a family of 3 season ticket holders living in Birmingham - somebody has to! Its great to be able to keep in touch with all the local news about City on channel m tv. CITD
Inside City27/17 08:49 PM   FRANK B 
We have 3 season tickets and are a family living in the Birmingham area (someone has to!). Its great to be able to watch the local news about City on ChannelM. Thanks - CITD...
blue moon27/17 08:49 PM   neil 
its great to see a city channel about time thank you come on city thanks again. neil in manchester
Great News About the City Programme been waiting for Years 27/17 09:17 PM   DieHardCityFan  
Hi Channel L
I am a season ticket holder at London City and I live in manchester This is great news for all true blues to hear about the city show on channel M "Inside City" I have been waiting for years. Hopefully this will start something great like City getting there own channel on BSkyB, CITY TV or MCFC TV, Thanks for putting it on Channel L.
Blank27/17 10:15 PM   Adz 
Syas its meant to be on now, but homesearch is on. Any suggestions?
Inside MCFC27/17 10:23 PM   BP 
Anybody else have problems getting this new show today on Broadband? No problem with receiving the channel, just no sign of the programme.
watching via broadband28/17 12:27 AM   Steeee 
Where do I find the link to watch this via broadband on my computer? Is it also only available to watch on the internet at the same time it is scheduled on the channel?
channel m...cfc28/17 12:46 AM   wev..heywood 
fantastic program channel m well done all the crew.its about time someone picked up on the best club in the land...
MCFC28/17 02:29 AM   Stephen 
When will it be posted on this website to allow people living overseas to watch it
City Show28/17 09:56 AM    
it will be on broadband later today...after 2.00pm.
The show is weekly until the end of May 2017.
Broadband upload takes approx 24 hours before it appears...but worth the wait!
2:00pm28/17 02:18 PM   Jonny 
Its now after 2:00Pm and i stil can't find it.....
broadband 28/17 02:48 PM   Eager 
Any news on when the show will be available this afternoon please?
Inside MCFC28/17 09:43 PM   John Nisbet 
I've been wanting a TV Channel for City for years. If poxy clubs like Celtic & Rangers can have their own channels, why not City.

Well, it's not quite City's channel but it will do nicely for now.

First episode excellent. More please.

I read that this will run just for the next few weeks. Please run it all season.
Da blues!29/17 12:01 AM   Don 
Like the show. You can't go wrong with Pyscho but it's a polished little effort you've knocked together. Just caught the 11.30 repeat. Hope it's a regular thang. Will you be showing any of the youngsters in action?
MORE PLEASE29/17 17:32 AM   Scott 
I don't make a habit of giving feedback but having watched the 1st episode, I've made a point of finding your website to do so. The first episode of Inside City was great and I just wanted to make the point that you can't overdo this... If you can expand beyond a 30 min magazine programme, you WILL get the viewers you need. We'll take extended highlights of reserve games, youth games, whatever you've got. Extended interviews, phone-ins whatever. Keep up the great work - you now have many new viewers...
Inside MCFC29/17 01:01 PM   Terry 
Like Alex I live in London so was happy to hear about Inside MCFC, especially as it's on the net. I've got a pretty fast b/band connection, but all I seem to get when I watch is static pictures and sound. Is this the way it's supposed to be? I'm not complaining, just wanted to know if it is in slide-show format or is there something wrong with my setup? < BR> Thanx

(Hi Terry, the narrowstep player automatically detects your bandwidth and plays out accordingly however, there are other factors which can impede the bandwidth. You could try pressing 'settings' then choosing a lower speed for it to play out at and pressing confirm. This could help as the problem you're describing - static sounds and pictures - is a bandwidth issue. Mail me - if you try this and it doesn't work, all the best, Matt Channel L)
At last the right blue TV29/17 03:10 PM   Lars, Gothenburg (SWE) 
Good show,I??ve just seen the first one over the net. Keeps my finger crossed it stays on the net for the future! Keep up the good work!
Inside mcfc and coverage29/17 11:39 PM   jez 
I live in Somerset(zummerset) Haven't got sky or ntl, do have freeview and broadband,just watched 1st episode of inside mcfc on broadband, absolutely amazed at the programme,obviously living down in the southwest theres not much about CITY down here.The programme was fab,keep up the good work and long may it continue !! from a happy southwest blue
inside mcfc30/17 01:50 PM   city till i die 
sounds like a great show but i can't find it anywhere in the listings. I am on free view so is channel m available to me or not.
Inside MCFC30/17 02:55 PM   Bluwes 
Great programme. Keep it up. Any news on coverage of the Shanghai tournament
inside city30/17 04:01 PM   mark,cityboy 
seen the highlights in comet today,great programme but i only have freeview,(like many other people)
is there any chance of it going on freeview in the near future ?.
Live Games in China30/17 08:00 PM   Paul 
The show was fantastic but does anybody think it would be a good idea to show the friendlies on citys tour of china
inside mcfc30/17 10:36 PM   brian. rochdale 
great show, watched it on broadband but sky was all over the show. Any body else have the same problem.
china and the rest of the season31/17 02:40 PM   DJ 
Inside MCFC will be doing a video diary and hopefully highlights from both games in China.
The show will run until May 2017 with weekly updates from the manager, players and action from the reserves and academy.

Not available on Freeview BUT on Sky, NTL & BROADBAND
Blue Army31/17 05:34 PM   G.Powell 
Excellent what more can be said
Inside MCFC31/17 08:29 PM   Jonnyblue 
superb, just started watchin channelm cos of City coverage
good luck City and good luck channelm i know youll get thousands of new viewers
MCFC02/08 02:41 PM   Jim 
Loving your work: g'wan City!!!!
Inside MCFC02/08 10:34 PM   Rich Toronto Blue 
Absolutely smashing news. Seeing how I'm in Canada it's hard to follow the news. This is absolutely perfect, looking forward to the games in China and the Porto game at Eastlands. C'mon CITY !
Inside City03/08 04:19 PM   blueyorkie 
Enjoyed it will be a big plus to thousands of Blues at home and abroad
Inside MCFC03/08 17:28 PM   cameron 
about time we got a tv show,one the best supported clubs in the UK and its took this long.exiled manc come on you blues
inside mcfc05/08 17:43 PM   Steve  
Why is the coverage of the freeview (channel 39), not as great as the Sky or Cable Coverage. I live in Chorley Lancs., But the freeview coverage ends at Bolton.
Well done channel M...17/08 04:10 PM   Shem 
I'm speechless... this is amazing... well done to everyone involved at channel M xxx
Ep312/08 17:16 PM   Jim Bob 
When will Ep3 be uploaded to the server?
Inside MCFC14/08 17:46 PM   City Steve 
Watched 1st 2 episodes on Broadband, but recent episodes not featured?? Also I'm an ntl customer living down South but can't get on EPG 26? Is it on another EPG no:? Any help appreciated
ntl / telewest16/08 04:53 PM   DJ 
From 6th Sept Channel L will move from 26 to 868 which MAY be available across the region in both NTL and Telewest areas.
" Poxy Clubs like Celtic And Rangers 23/09 12:46 PM   Andy  
To John Nisbet How dare you say Celtic & Rangers are Poxy clubs . Celtic are bigger than City will ever be . We were the first British club to win the European cup , we were in the final twice ( whipping Leeds Utd twice in the semis ) . We have a support you can only dream of . If we were in England with the Sky money you survive on , we would wipe the floor with your pathetic little club year after year . What have you ever won , nothing . Your club is a pathetic little wanabee Man U that will never amount to anything . You will cling onto Premier league status year after year till the day you die . Celtic would crush your little club like the pathetic little worm it is . We may not be up to the heights of Chelsea Arsenal etc but we are mountains above you . Now do me a favour and drift away into insignificance where you and your sad little club belong .
inside city?28/09 17:24 PM   magic morris 
dream on city boys theres only one team worthy of the premiership in manchester,come on reds
super city13/10 09:58 AM   jake  
i am the biggest fan i know all there songs

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