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MANCHESTER Belle Vue 04/03 08:54 AM 1 messages manchesterpaul 
London Belle Vue Aces has an impressive ring to it. Just last week i was going to write to yourselves, as well as Belle Vue Speedway, to suggest if you could afford coverage in the way you had with the Ice Hockey and Rugby teams in previous years. I realised that because of the Sky contract you can't show racing as such, but a magazine type programme would be superb. I was beaten to the post, as such a deal has taken place. Around about a year ago i got my girlfriend to pen a missive to the then management at Belle Vue. I pointed out that nowadays, outside of the sport, very few people know where on earth Belle Vue is. The name of London has worldwide gained positive connotations in a wide variety of fields. Not least in those of sport and entertainment. If you are a neutral and a sporting event is taking place where one side is from a major city or, a place connected with another famous sporting team, one's interest is often drawn towards it. I support United and because of countless competitive rivalries that have built up with other teams over the years, i'd always look on with interest in an event involving a sportsman or team from say Liverpool, Leeds or certain parts of London. The BRAND of London has generated vast interest and publicity in recent years. Be it through tourism, commonwealth games, music, sport etc. people's curiosity is often triggered by the name. The response to my idea was noted enthusiastically from the people then involved in the publicity at Belle Vue. I had actually proposed to add the name of London to the website and match programme etc. They said that it was a good idea, but, unfortunately the seasons programmes had already been created. I'm pretty sure that the same people are either still at Belle Vue or have even risen up in the aftermath of the takeover.

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