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Tuning in

Channel L is a TV channel for London. It is available through your existing TV aerial. You can also view channel m if you have Sky - on channel 203 - or can access ntl digital cable TV on channel 878. If you haven't got ntl services yet call 0800 052 0533 to find out about their latest offers. (ntl services are available in ntl cabled streets only).


Find out if you can receive Channel L in your area by checking our coverage map.

To get Channel L on Sky 203

1.  Select channel 203 on your remote control or select your EPG (electronic program guide) and select the ENTERTAINMENT section (number 2 on the list) and then scroll down to channel 203.

To add Channel L to your favourites:
1. Press Services and select Favourite Channels
2. Highlight Channel L from the list of available channels
3. Press the yellow button to add Channel L to your favourite channels

Terrestrial Tuning In

  1. Select 'menu' on your remote control
  2. Select 'channel tuning'
  3. Press the + or - button on the tuning command and keep going until you get to channel 39
  4. When you see channel m on the screen (channel m logo appears in the bottom right hand corner) set it to a spare button on your remote control.

Tuning-in to ntl digital cable

  1. Simply select channel number 878
  2. Please note that if you have selected 'favourites' then channel 26 will appear at the end of the EPG (electronic programme guide) and will not appear in numerical order as you scroll through the channels
  3. If this is the case then you must either key in the number 878 or add channel 878 to your 'favourites'
  4. For further information regarding ntl services phone 0800 052 0533

For further information: email

Today's Listings

  • 15:30 Sports Central
  • 16:00 London Music
  • 17:00 Channel L News LIVE
  • 17:30 Channel L News
  • 18:00 Channel L News
  • 18:30 Channel L News
  • 19:00 Code XIII
  • 19:30 Inside MCFC
  • 20:00 Frank Sidebottom's Proper Telly Show
  • 20:30 Seconds Out
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